Hi, I'm Anna Treurniet, the designer and maker behind all the bags and accesories you see here in my online shop. I live in a little old house on the banks of the river Waal, close to Nijmegen with my husband and my two cats; Ziggy and Zaza.

I have always loved making things. Turning an idea into something tangible is something I can't do without. My love for working with leather began when I did my internship at shoedesigner Bep Kosse.
During this period I learned a lot about leather because I started researching all different materials. I found out that leather in itself as a waste product is a very sustainable material, because it will last a lifetime, however, it has to be produced in a sustainable way, like with vegetable tanned leather. And because I always like to try out new materials, and I wanted a vegan alternative to add to the collection, Pinatex is now also part of my main materials.

My designs are fuelled by my love for craftsmanship, function, durability, organic shapes and colours. Every item is either made by me, or my co-worker Helga, here in my studio in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, where I work three days a week. The other two days, I work at a sustainable clothing store called Het Duurzame Warenhuis, and I give sewing classes at Atelier ByDo. When I am not working, I am probably cuddling my cats, sewing, knitting, or hanging out with friends.


Find me at The Honigfabriek in Nijmegen.


Smelkroes unit 22
Waalbandijk 16
6576 JE Nijmegen.

From january 2022 untill my new studio is ready, you can find me at a temporary studio next to the Waalhalla Skatepark at the Winselingseweg 16 in Nijmegen.

Do you have a question? Quite often I am not able to answer my phone, so the fastes way to get an answer is by email, signal or whatsapp message:




More bussiness details:

KvK: 53428595
BTW: NL002070045B70
Triodosbank: NL69TRIO0254414761

pictures by moreorlessdesign