Washable face mask 3 layers cotton
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  • Reuseable mouthmask made in the netherlands

Washable face mask 3 layers cotton

Selected item is backordered so expect delays

Mouth masks shouldn't be boring, don't you agree? So here are some colourful mouth masks for you. The mask has 3 layers of 100% cotton, and has a great fit. You can choose between elastic cord around your ears, or a longer elastics around your head. An additional filter can be placed between the layers of fabric for extra protection. A simple paper towel for example. The filter is not included.

This is a non certified mouth mask. I wish I could, but I can't guarantee that it protects against virusses. In these times where there are not enough certified masks for people who work in health care, it is important to leave the certified masks to the people who are doing the most important job, and that is keeping everyone safe. Let's keep them safe by using other masks.

This mask is carefully designed and tested to get the best fit around your head, and to be as comfortable as a mouth mask can be.

The fabric used for this mask is from my pile of left-over fabrics and/or recycled shirts and sheets. All fabrics are washed on 60 degrees celsius.

A few notes on how to use the mask:

- First of all; follow the regulations provided by the Health Agency of your country. For the Dutchies: https://www.rivm.nl/

- Wash your hands before opening the packaging. - Wash the mask with the elastic cord before use with detergent on 60 degrees celsius. - Wash you hands before putting on the mouth mask - Try to touch your face as little as possible when you use the mask (also when you don't use it) - If the mask gets wet because of respiration, it should be replaced with a new mouth mask. - Wash your hands before taking the mask off - Take a (paper)bag with you. When you take the mask off, put it in the bag untill you're able to wash it. - The mask should be washed after each day of use. - Take out the nose strip before washing the mask, you can clean it by using desinfectant. - When using a mask, you still need to keep the distance of at least 1,5 m to other people. - Did I mention you have to wash your hands?