ANNANASGOODS vegan small wallet
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ANNANASGOODS vegan small wallet


ANNANASGOODS are vegan goods. The wallets and accessories of this collection are animal-friendly and made of piñatex, an innovative and vegan material made of the fibers found in pineapple leaves. It is a stirdy, durable and water-resistant material. The inside of the wallet is made of leftover scraps of a local tent repairer. So only recycled materials are used!

Tiny recycled leather wallet with great possibilities! Very handy to take with you on a night out or on holiday. The Bertie wallet has 3 compartments, one for approximatly 5 cards, one for coins, and one for bills.

All items are made in my workshop in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

PLEASE NOTE: All items of the ANNANASGOODS collection are made to order, to prevent over-production. When you order, it takes 3-5 working days to make your wallet.
Material Piñatex and bisonyl
Measurements 8 cm x 11 cm